Monday, November 24, 2008

Ed Young's 7 Days of Sex Challenge

I've wanted to give my two cents on the hoopla on Rev. Ed Young's sex challenge but other stuff was more in the forefront of my mind until this morning when I saw Young and his wife on TV (again)about what they gained since Young issued the mandate to the married congregants in his church. Newsflash: They could only hold up to six days of the challenge (so to speak).

If you've been a consistent reader of this blog, you can peep I'm a person of faith even though I don't wear my faith on my sleeves. And besides, this is not a "faith" blog but all (or most) things I have an opinion about. So when I heard Young's mandate last week, I imagined myself in Ed Young's church and what would have been my reaction to this juicy news.

Well, in my current stage in life (single), my first reaction would have been "why do marriage folks get to have all the fun!" Then I would have thought why couldn't Young tell the married folks this piece of news at a marriage seminar somewhere. Lastly, I wondered how the singles in the congregation must have felt; what did Young say to them while their married counterparts are planning to go on this "sexcapade" - keep hope alive, your prince/queen is coming. I'm just saying . . .

But I digress. The secular (mainstream) world found this piece of news "shocking" as one to be taught from the so-called pulpit. So Young and a few others Ministers of various faiths (I saw a Rabbi talking about this over the weekend) have had their say. Here's my take: I'm all for the idea. Sometimes, the subject of sex and sensuality have been seen as taboo subjects when the Bible CLEARLY talks about them. Anybody read Songs of Solomon lately? You'll have to do a double-take and check the back of your "Bible" just to be sure it's still the Bible and not an Harlequin novel.

Besides, it's great for Young to open up the minds of folks to see sex is not just for procreation (as I had a heated debate with some "deep" folks some years ago) but also (first) for pleasure. And that's my take . . . what's yours? (love to see your comments)

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