Friday, November 21, 2008

Few Musings For The Week

It's been a while since I did the "rundown" of a few things buzzing in my mind and in our world, so why not now:

ObamaMANIA: Is it only me who's getting fed up of all things Obama 24/7 especially when it comes to merchandising? I get it! This is a historical time but a few days ago when I saw GQ named Barack Obama as one of its Men of the Year, I exclaimed "aaarh!" Faithful readers of this blog know I've said I made a decision a few years ago (after Obama's 2004 DNC keynote speech) to buy most magazines he graced. But I find that decision to be fiscally irresponsible these days. Then a couple of days ago, Lewis Black of The Daily Show was along the lines of my train of thoughts . . .

Cabinet-Proof Selections: Okay I know I said I'm getting tired of the Obama-Mania. But hey, the cabinet positions weren't part of that. So I agreed with the Eric Holder pick for Attorney General. The man is a brother and if confirmed, he'll become the first African American AG (he served as deputy for Janet Reno in the Clinton years). But I'm confounded with the Hillary Clinton pick for the Secretary of State. I thought she will be GREAT at Health but Tom Dashle (who's equally qualified) got that position. I don't know . . .

By the way, Obama needs to start picking a few Latinos (there are rumblings) for his cabinet. Two-thirds of Latinos went for Obama, so they are justified in wondering when their turn in seeing a visible cabinet member who represents them.

Hugh Jackman is Sexiest Man Alive: Well-deserved! Jackman is not really my type, Psyche, he's exactly my type with the rugged good looks, "nice guy" character and OMG, the British accent - what can I say . . .But I will say this to People Magazine, it's been a long while since you had a brother on the cover as "sexiest man alive." Only Denzel (excellent choice) has had that honor. I believe you could find more guys of color.

To All The Single Ladies - Have A Good Laugh with this (Justin Timberlake is sick):

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