Monday, November 10, 2008

On My Mind - The Historic Week

I'm still reeling from last week's election. But I haven't reflected on my love/hate relationship with a particular subject (politics) in a while. So here goes my musings of some things that took place since last week:

Worldwide Celebration For the President-Elect:

For anyone who says election doesn't matter, the proof is in the embedded video. OMG! It's been a while (well since Barack Obama gave that speech in Berlin) to see such goodwill towards America around the world. Think about it, our current president (counting down the days) is greeted with burning flags among other profanities when he visits most countries but with Obama's win, people were literally dancing in the streets.

A House Divided: Oh the Republican party specifically John McCain's camp. Ok, I'm not surprised there was trouble in the camp before the election. I've made a number of observations on this blog about McCain lurching from one position to the next but I didn't expect the mudslinging from the camp against one another especially to one target - Sarah Palin.

Here's where I've got to come to the Hockey Mom's defense. Anybody with a brain could see Palin wasn't ready to be Vice President or President (in case something happens). I have shown my concern a couple of months ago when the Governor of Alaska wasn't vetted. Seriously, one interview that lasted an hour plus another 15 minutes conversation for the second highest position in the land? I've had more interviews than that for one position as a civilian.

But you know what? I don't blame her. If she didn't know Africa was a continent, not a country was unfortunate but it's not her fault (yeah, I typed that with a straight face). If she couldn't name the countries in North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico) as countries in NAFTA doesn't make her stupid. But it shows bad judgment on the person who chose to pick her as a running mate - John McCain.

And do you notice the person not saying a word while this woman is being thrown under the docked straight talk express bus? Ding, ding, ding, the Maverick! Nobody should make Palin a scapegoat for the campaign's demise; it was a very poor-ran campaign regardless if it was in the way of history.

The McCain's camp wanted to make a history of its own; have the first female VP. But that would have been fine if you picked a person very qualified for the position. Perhaps it would have even been fine if the country wasn't in such a mess - Two wars, Economic downturn since the depression, Climate crisis, etc.

Remember twenty years ago, George HW Bush picked Dan Quayle who couldn't spell P-O-T-A-T-O. It didn't affect him from being elected. Then you have a President who's butchered the English Language so much which makes this writer cringe when she's subjected to listen to a so called "speech." But America said not this time! And John McCain should look in the mirror to see who's fault that was.

Obama draws first blood by picking "Rahmbo": I LOVED this pick. Rahm Emanuel is the right guy as Obama's chief of staff. The guy who's known in Washington as "Rahmbo" a take off the movie character "Rambo" for his volatile temper at times - he's not afraid to use all sorts of bleeps in talking to Washington insiders or his infamous dead fish incident sent to a pollster whose work he disliked. Did I say I love this guy?

Rahmbo is full of complexities (as most of us). After all, this was a guy who got college scholarship from being a classically-trained ballet dancer. But he also joined the Isreali Military to defend the nation. Hmm, a guy who can dance and fight at the same time - my kind of guy :-)

Anyway, some folks on the right feel like this move from Obama doesn't fit the "no drama Obama" motto but I (and Obama) say, you need someone who gets the work done. Other folks both on the right and left have praised this pick. And say what you want about Rahmbo, you can't say he's not brilliant. He, along with Howard Dean was responsible for getting the House back to the Democrats in 2006 and keeping it that way now.

And give it up for Obama for being so secure in who he is that he doesn't care about the candidate's baggage as long as he or she has the brilliance to do the job. Besides, just like I begged on this blog for Joe Biden before he was picked for VP, I'm so glad for the Emanuel pick. You can talk "change" all you want, but you need some insiders who know the game to bring about the change we all need.

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