Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lighter Musings on President-Elect Obama

Can I just say this? I couldn't find any available newspaper yesterday as a momento for Obama's historic victory. I went to six different places and there were no (nada) papers. Even a box for the local papers was empty.

Now I've got to rely on Time, Newsweek magazines for my keepsakes. Also, did anyone notice folks have been nicer these past two days? I mean people literally smiled and said "hello." I felt I was in Disney World.

How about Michelle Obama's dress that night?

The dress is generating a lot of buzz. Some folks didn't care for the Narcisco Rodriguez dress for the oh-so stylish future first lady. For me, I must say I had a lukewarm attitude towards the dress. That's because I don't care for prints as much even though I've been thinking of one day taking the leap especially for my height (just like Michelle's who's about a couple of inches taller) who could take the risk.

So I admire Michelle taking the fashion risk in both wearing a different designer and style; that's what really makes you a style icon.

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