Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blagosphere and Other Stuff

I've ignored my "political" side for a reason - it's a jungle out there! But I've got a few things on my mind about the whole "Blagosphere" (a pun for all things about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich) and some other things happening in our political world:

Blago's Tangled Web: Oh not to be caught in Blago's (Blagojevich) web. I thought Florida's political world was corrupt but according to a survey, Illinois upped Florida by two spots (number 6 to Florida's number 8). Who would have thunk it? The Land of Lincoln (Honest Abe) himself; gosh he must be rolling over in his grave. Any political figure from Illinois has been denouncing Blago left and right from Rahmbo (Rahm Emmanuel) to our President-Elect, Barack Obama.

But none gave me a kick in the guts than the so-called "Candidate No. 5," Jesse Jackson Jr. Not him! As readers of this blog know, I recommended Jackson for Obama's former senate seat. Now seeing him all entangled in Blago's web, I doubt he will get the seat. It will be better for a special election to be held than Blago appointing him - too much cloud over his head. Well, Jackson gave his press conference but I thought his sit-down interview with CNN's Don Lemon was more revealing:

SNL's Spoof of Gov. David Paterson: Let me be clear, I LOVE New York Gov. Paterson. I love his razor-sharp mind and wit. But most of all I love his honesty. I find his candor refreshing for a politician in an age where most of his counterparts choose to be politically-correct or Clintonesque ("It depends what is, is"). The fact that he's legally blind is just an afterthought. Seriously! Is Stevie Wonder less genius because he's blind?

So imagine my surprise when I saw the SNL spoof Saturday night:

I like SNL and I say nobody is off-limits! After all, Eddie Murphy was brilliant in his spoof of Stevie Wonder on SNL in the eighties. At the time, it was considered edgy and later, Wonder came in to SNL to show he could take a joke by singing along with Murphy.

But I thought SNL went about five minutes too far into joke for it not to be no longer funny. It's like a good movie that forgot to be edited thirty minutes after. Yeah Paterson is blind. SNL couldn't spoof him without that fact but he's no bumbling fool - that's where (I think) SNL crossed the line.

This is more like the Paterson I know on the Colbert Report:

President Bush Gets Shown The Shoes:

What can I say? The President really fulfils the term "lame-duck." I mean excellent reflexes; working out pays off :-)

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