Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lebron In A New York State of Mind

Lebron: Start spreading the news, I'm leaving in two years, I've had enough of Cavs to New York, New York. Okay, I'm having a bit of fun with the loud rumors surrounding "King James" (Lebron James) desire to be with the New York Knicks. The problem is he is STILL a Cleveland Cavalier.

Let me be clear: I believe Lebron James will be a knickerboker (playing for the New York Knicks) come the fall of 2010. This guy has said he wants to be a "global icon" and a billionaire. For the latter, he has a great mentor, the Oracle himself, Warren Buffett. But the former in his mind, will involve him being in a major market and where else but the biggest market of them all, New York.

If you don't believe me. Then why is he given hints with wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap during the MLB playoffs over a year ago when the Yankees was playing against a Cleveland team (not a baseball fan; can't remember the moniker)? That was a WRONG PR MOVE.

I'm a Miami Heat fan and during their championship run against Dallas Mavericks in 2006, I said to a friend Terrell Owens deserved to be booed by the Dallas fans. Owens was wearing a Shaq Miami Heat jersey in DALLAS when he was just traded to the Dallas Cowboys just a few months prior to June. He's defense was he was Shaq's friend and was wearing a Maverick's hat (turned backwards that you couldn't see the logo). I don't know what goes on these athletes' heads? But I digress.

Then a few weeks ago, Lebron played in Madison Square Garden (MSG) wearing some New York pinstripes. Okay, if you insist you're a Cavalier, why keep milking this rumor? And this is where Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley (who I love) got upset. Barkley said if it was him, he will "shut the hell up." Then Lebron responded to Barkley calling him "stupid." Oh no he didn't! Oh yes he did.

Here's where I don't get if some folks (like Lebron) have home training. You're not only referring to someone who's old enough to be your father but he's a Hall-of-famer! Show some respect! And you know what, most folks (as I am) are on the side of Sir Charles in this feud.

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