Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Say It Ain't So Blagojevich

I can't believe this but yet I'm not surprised. If what happened today is totally true (which the mounting allegations with wire tap evidence seem to prove), then Illinois Governor is really STUPID. In another language, El Stupido!!!

The adage "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" has just been proven once again. How do you explain a Governor (Rod Blagojevich) who got in his position because his predecessor (George Ryan) was going to jail for racketeering (among other crimes) get trapped for other unethical and illegal acts? I wrote a post last month asking Blagojevich to pick Jesse Jackson Jr, for President-Elect Barack Obama's former senate seat; only to hear this morning this Governor wanted to get paid on the side for a job he's entitled to do.

Can you be confounded and yet think this act is the statusquo? I know there are a few good men (and women) out there in politics but ten years ago I got out of being selected as a juror for a political corruption case because I told the judge I wasn't surprised when I heard the news because I've heard others like his since I became a resident and I'm not that impressed by politians. Yes you could hear the pin drop in the court room by my admission. Isn't it a shame a decade later, another politician is still letting history repeat itself by going to the bighouse?

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