Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Meet The Team Of Rivals

It finally happened after all the rumblings about President-Elect's National Security Team, with Sen. Hillary Clinton (Sec. of State) being the loudest one of them all. The positions included Attorney General (Eric Holder), Homeland Security (Janet Napolitano), Defense(Robert Gates), National Security Advisor (Gen. Jim Jones) and U.N. Ambassador (Susan Rice).

I've said it before (over a week ago) that I admire the positions though I was surprised with Clinton for Secretary of State (even though I believe she'll do a great job).

But my post today is really geared to the far-left liberals and there own rumblings about the way Obama is loading up his cabinet. Psss, liberals: How about we have a little conversation. You guys are beginning to bug me just like the ultra-conservative folks during the campaigning season.

There is a difference between how you campaign and how you govern. Some of you (liberals) still expect Obama to be doing the former instead of the latter. Say this after me: YOU GOVERN FROM THE CENTER!!! (One more time)

I'll give you a state example: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican. But sometimes you may not know he is really a Republican by the way he governs. He is a green (not in experience but with the environment) Governor. He extended the hours of the early voting registration to the angst of his Republican colleagues who felt he would benefit the other party (it turned out to be true), and he's fighting for felons to have their right restored to vote. You wonder why he has a high approval rating?

So you may not like that he picked Gates (from the Bush administration), but Gates has shown he is not an idealogue like his boss and have actually talked about diplomacy and brought a voice of reason since he was hired in 2006.

The other person you're up in arms about is Clinton. For that, I just say "get over it." Politics make strange bed fellows. And just like John F. Kennedy needed Lyndon B.Johnson after a contentious primaries, Obama needs Clinton. Like her or not, the woman is brilliant and there are 18 million voices to prove that. Also, she's a global brand name and don't you think Obama could use someone like that while he concentrates on the domestic debacle we call the economy?

So to the guys who are really left of me, I say have patience. Yes you voted for change and change you got. He is the only President-Elect facing mind-boggling challenges in over 70 years. Why fault him for bringing the most experienced hands to help him guide the ship?

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