Thursday, December 4, 2008

Plaxico Burress Mess

Hi folks, it's time for another edition of I.N.N (Ignorant Negro News). Unless you've chosen not to watch the news these past few days, then there's no way you missed this ridiculous story of a one-time Super Bowl hero, Plaxico Buress.

Why the drastic shift? If you asked me, it all started after he got the fat contract in the summer. Someone once said, "money doesn't change you, it just exaggerates what you already are." So if you were a disciplined person before a major hike in your net worth, you'll remain the same afterwards and vice-versa if you were not.

First of all, who wears sweatpants into a nightclub? At one time, I lived 10 minutes away from South Beach - the nightclub capital of the country (even New York doesn't top it). And though I don't partake of the lifestyle. I know you're supposed to have a dress code. But I guess since he was a multi-millionaire the bouncers gave him a pass. That was a dumb move on the bouncers' part and the guy wearing the sweatpants.

The gun Buress accidently shot himself was sliding down from where he thought he secured it in his sweatpants when it went off. Why, why, why was he wearing such outfit when he was carrying a gun? Have you heard of jeans or just some decent pants?

Second, he had no registration on the gun in New York which has made the city's Mayor really irate and saying he will see to it that Buress gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (three years in the big house).

And oh there is more! Anthony Pierce, his teammate is in deep (you know what) for trying to cover for him. Psss Pierce, let me hip you to something called "obstruction of justice." I know you don't want to be called a "snitch" but if it gets to affecting your family and livelihood; I say start "snitching." Or you could call it TELLING THE TRUTH.

The plot thickens with this drama. Now the doctor who treated Buress for the gunshot wound but lied about the name of who he was treating (for cover) is suspended. Hmmm Doc, what happened to your oath of ethics?

Anyway, now these ignorant negroes (Buress and Pierce) are facing charges that could sideline their careers. I wonder if these guys just operate in some sort of bubble and think laws don't apply to them and guess what, you guys are black - the more reason you should law-abiding citizens. (Read into that last sentence what you want but you know it's the truth).

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