Friday, December 12, 2008

Oprah's Weighty Confession

Photo: Matthew Rolston
If I didn't love Oprah before, I absolutely do now. Wow! That was big (no pun intended) of Oprah to admit she put on 40 pounds in the year. A writer once said something about honesty I'm trying to aspire to: With others do it with care but with yourself, be ruthless. (Paraphrased)

I think most folks take that advise in its reverse form - they are ruthless with others (OMG, what is she wearing?) but are so careful with themselves (I've just put on a few pounds). I remember I was at a party last March when a lady at my table said she was a size 6, a member of her family (I think her Mom or Aunt) asked "which size 6?" All of us at the table busted out laughing because we knew she was NO SIZE 6 (more like a healthy 10) but we were more diplomatic than the one who voiced our thoughts.

But I'm glad Oprah took the right approach and got ruthless with the truth that was apparent to many viewers; she had put on some weight and it wasn't the proverbial 10 pounds the TV inflates. In so doing, she shows she was just as vulnerable and susceptible to the battle of the bulge millions are waging everyday. This, I believe is why the said millions have loved Oprah for over two decades regardless of her mounting wealth and indifference to the shifts of her waistline - the woman is REAL!

When I first heard this story on Wednesday morning, I won't lie it gave the motivation I needed to change into my workout clothes and get my butt off the couch when excuses were already being formed in my head why I didn't need to do any exercise that day. And as I read the "O" Issue delivered to my mailbox last night, I was not only forced to look at Oprah's journey in the love/hate (more on the latter) relationship she had with her body but more of how I treated my own.

I felt for her especially when she talked about the fateful day the legendary Tina Turner and Cher graced her stage. I watched that show and I had no idea Oprah felt so awkward to be in these ladies presence; she felt she was the oldest among the women when the opposite is true. At the end, she has come to accept the fact that her goal now isn't to be thin but for her body to be healthy and strong. And I say isn't that great advice for us all?

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