Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Monday Overload

I'm back! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did and I'm in a "Turkey Haze" and too much sweet potato pie consumption. But hey, I found out a great tidbit of info today not to make me feel guilty about the latter consumption; Sweet Potato is one of the most nutritious food you can have. So I'm not thinking about all the sugar and other fattening elements which make up a delicious sweet potato pie. But the foundation of the theory is it's HEALTHY and I'm sticking to that story :-)

Now today is Cyber Monday (did you shop on Black Friday?) and I'm having the opposite of a writer's block - I have an overload of "issues" I'd like to blog about. Before today, I had my rant against NBA refs made up in my mind and Lebron's New York drama. But then today is World AIDS Day, Obama rolled out his National Security Team, and the senseless Mumbai tragedy (my condolences to the victims).

I guess that's a good problem to have and I agree. However, there is this issue called time and weighing the best post to actually write . . .