Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas And See You In The New Year

Hope everyone have a very Merry Christmas and reflect on what it really means - Peace, goodwill towards men and of course, the birth of Jesus Christ. It has less to do with having so much money (or none) and buying gifts but more on celebrating its meaning.

I've had to reflect on that critically especially during this time of a crummy economy and knowing I can't buy the gifts I bought last year. I've had to think about being an American in a foreign land many years past and how other countries celebrated this Holy time. I remember the practice I saw in one African country, they shared food with their neighbors, the less unfortunate and elders in the land. Nobody goes hungry during that week between Christmas and the New Year.

So I'm going to keep such actions in the forefront of my mind while I stand firm on the Promise and Hope of what Christmas brought . . . Have a Merry Christmas!

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