Monday, December 1, 2008

NBA Refs: Three Blind Mice

NBA refs have got into a few controversies in the past couple of years and watching a late night game between the Heat and the Clippers on Saturday that went into early Sunday morning made me realize fans frustration with the Zebras (Referees) who really showed they could be the proverbial three blind mice on the basketball court.

Here it was, seven seconds left in the game with the Heat down one and Dwyane Wade stole the ball from a Clipper and tipped it out to one of his teammates (Udonis Haslem) who was ready at the basket for a layup when the Zebras started whistling.

This viewer (as well as the commentators) was wondering what happened. A few minutes ticked on then we found out they said Wade stepped out of the court when he stole the ball. Huh! So they called the ball to go to the Clippers. Are you freaking kidding me? Well, the commentators shared my exact sentiments since they had an instant replay. Yes, Instant Replay - whatever happened to that technologically advance device? The Zebras seem to have forgotten about that.

Wade had every right to be ticked off! One of the few times I've seen him that livid. Then one of the Zebras told him he didn't make the call and the Heat coaches got involved. Meanwhile, I'm thinking this is wasting time and breaking the flow of the game. After about ten minutes went by, the refs called it for the Heat which made the Clippers VERY UPSET. I guess they couldn't see the game from the overhead monitors.

After a time-out, it was time to get into the game. Wade was fouled (as usual) but I guess the Heat was not over the limit so no foul shots (free throws) needed to be made. But the three blind mice did the unthinkable - they took off a second by mistake, which the commentators saw. Seriously, what's up with these Zebras! Anyway, the Heat lost because the shot missed the basket. But I will say this, they have EVERY right to be upset. Not only were there some controversial calls favoring the home team (Clippers) before the seven-second call but they broke the flow of the game. That's my rant . . .

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