Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Couple Of Musings Before I go

Guys, this is what you get when I've been in hibernation, a bunch of postings. I needed a few laughs Thursday night and my guys at Comedy Central - Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert helped me out. Laughter is good medicine especially when it's intelligently done.

The Year 2050: I alluded to this year during last year's election about the year Whites will stop being the "majority." So the guys at the Daily Show had some fun with it especially since we have our first African-American President.
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I love that the Daily Show crew parodied last year's CNN "Black in America" graphics. And did you see my boy, Robin Thicke (LOVE HIM) teaching the kids not to be sentenced to a life of "whiteness?" Disclaimer: to my white readers, love you! It's all in fun.

The National Day of Prayer: Hey guys, did you miss last Thursday's National Day of Prayer? Well some folks at Fox (my fave - NOT) didn't let us forget it because the President said it should be a moment in privacy to offer prayers for our country. I would love to go to the brilliant satirical character of Stephen Colbert on if this critique of how we pray is warranted.

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Have a good weekend . . .