Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Influential Week

So Time Magazine released it's 100 World Most Influential People. Ok some folks on the list I get but Zach Efron? Come on! He's influential in the world of my 6-year old Goddaughter who will hijack my better TV so she doesn't miss something from Disney.

Anyhoo, there are some I concur with the Poll. Of course, the Obamas. Sarah Palin - not so much. Now Tina Fey, hooray! She just showed us what we were all thinking of Palin. I'm just saying. . .

Oprah - you gotta give it to the Big "O" - did you see the fiasco she caused with KFC grilled chicken this week?

The ladies of the View - here, here! The elections would not have been the same without them and yes, that includes Hasselbeck.

George Clooney - Whoa! A few folks in my family know I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON CLOONEY! Even though he's old enough to be one of my Uncles (and I don't date beyond a certain age group, I'm not trying to replace them - my Uncles that is). I must say the twice "sexiest man alive" dubbed man deserved the honor not because he's easy on the eyes but gosh he's smart. He had me when he came on Oprah some years ago and Oprah asked him that for him to be so handsome, how did he work on being smart. And Clooney's classic response: "I've always been smart, I think I work on being handsome." Oprah couldn't contain herself with laughter and a certain twenty-something girl fell in love with him again after first laying eyes on him as Dr. Doug on ER as a teenager.

Ok, focus, focus. Who else is on the list? Hmn, Sen. Ted Kennedy (Roar for the Lion of the Senate). Secretary Hillary Clinton (a woman who came this close for President with 18 million votes deserve a tip of the hat), Suze Orman (you have got to catch the hilarious take of Kristin Wiig on SNL paroding her money-pinching ways). That's it . . . there's a lot more but you could pick up the magazine to browse yourself.

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