Saturday, May 23, 2009

Liberty University Debacle

I heard the story a couple of nights ago that really make me want to scream at some so called "Christians" of which I say I'm one but unlike these Christians; I must have being cut from a different cloth. Seriously, I don't get some of these Christian folks. The story is about the late Jerry Faldwell's college - Liberty University which shut down the Students Democratic club a week ago and the reason? It doesn't support their "moral views."

Do these Christians read their Bible carefully. It is a complex book; that's why Paul said you should "rightly divide the Word of Truth so you won't be ashamed." When you don't do so, that's why people shake their heads to wonder what in the world were you thinking. This is a university right? So you guys should be able to discuss opposing views and have critical thoughts without any repercussion. That's what you do in college. Oh, it also happened in the Bible A LOT.

Even the disciples had opposing views on how they saw different things especially with ordinances. Did you read anything on Paul reprimanding Peter on his views about the Gentiles? Did you read anything about Christians who felt more superior because they didn't eat pork or "unclean thing" than other Christians who did?

You, Liberty (what irony, more like bondage) University officials are in the wrong and acting like a cult to shut down a club for some flimsy excuse of moral values and anyone who questions your views. Might I add that the so-called Republican Club you want to be the only one on your campus took us to a fictitious war, tarnished our good name (your Bible says something about that) around the world, and mutilate folks with harsh techniques all in the name of getting information. And I want to know if all those actions justify morality just because you think another party (Democratic) is pro-choice and support gay rights?

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