Friday, May 1, 2009

Mo's Week In Review

Happy Friday everyone and let's go for the rundown for all things buzzing in my mind and our world:

Plane Photo Flop: This is one of those situations that make you scratch your head and ask "what the heck were they thinking?" I mean seriously, in a post 9-11 world, in New York close to Ground Zero, some members of our government thought it was a freaking good idea to fly a 747 low without clearing it first, with I don't know THE MAYOR OF THE CITY!

And the reason was even more mind-buggling - A PHOTO-OP EVENT. And can I just say this also cost tax-payers over $300K for this nonsense that caused panic in the hearts of New Yorkers all over again.

Sen Arlen Specter switches parties: I gotta admit, I've always liked Specter. I like his independent streak and because he was in the GOP (until a few days ago), a party I, like many others is struggling to understand made no difference.

But to see him switch parties during the President's 100 days tally was genius! Talk about a gift to him and the Democratic party. It wasn't a shock because word on the street was that Specter was getting too moderate for the far right party these days. And what bugs me is that this party (GOP) still call themselves the party of Ronald Reagan. Are they serious?

And let's be honest, Specter didn't switch as a matter of principle but a pragmatic and political one. I love that he admitted such seeing that the conservative base was mad at him for being one of three Republican senators who voted for the Stimulus bill and declining by 20 points if he ran as a Republican for the Primaries. But he used to be a Democrat until forty years ago and for that I say to Specter, welcome home.

The President's 100 Days (Who Cares): Obviously, the Media cares about these 100 days by shoving it down our TV screens. Hel-lo the man still has about 1000 days to go. That's like grading him for 10 percent of the work when the rest is yet to be looked upon and with a man coming in at a time not seen since the Great Depression. To show the RIDUN-CU-LOUS of all these 100 days stuff, take it away Jon from the Daily Show . . .

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The VP's Swine Flu Gaffe (and counting): You guys know I love Joe Biden. I proposed that he be picked as then Sen. Obama's running mate way before he was announced. And I know he has a gift of gab; something he's been trying to make for his struttering time as a youth. But come on! Sometimes, I feel the real Whitehouse dog is not "Bo" but "Joe" and I want to put a leash on him to tame him just a little bit.

No other times than yesterday's Swine Flu gaffe when Biden scared the Transportation industry (they are struggling already as is) when he said on Today show he'll advice for folks not to travel cuz they'll be in confined spaces. Oops . . . no no no Joe

The Clutch In Chief: Ok it's old news I'm a basketball fanatic but check out our President schooling the Lady Huskies Championship team at the White House. Granted, I'll give the girls a break; they were in dresses and high heels.