Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Adam Didn't Win "Idol"

I know, I will admit if I'm wrong. I thought I called it about two months ago that Adam Lambert will win American Idol. So what happened Wednesday night with the huge upset? Well, I think America is not as free thinking as I thought.

The winner Kris Allen was a dark horse in the competition from the gitgo who really found his stride as the weeks progressed. Don't get me wrong, Allen is mad talented. He can play the guitar and keyboards but his SINGING ability wasn't on the same level as Adam Lambert. And you know what I say about American Idol: It is a SINGING COMPETITION!

But like Adam he took risks (reason Danny Gokey didn't make the finals and I said he was playing it too safe) but unlike Adam, he was accessible. He was a guy you could bring home to Mama. Oh let's be honest. Adam, with all his guy-liner (eye liner for us ladies), black nail polish and the "ambiguous" sexuality wasn't gonna fly with regular America who just want the down home Apple pie. I'm just saying . . .

Then there is the story of the underdog. We are a nation that loves the underdog story whether in movies or real-life. I mean we even built a statue for "Rocky" in Philadephia and he is a fictional character. The fact that it seems the American Idol Judges seem to have it in the can for Adam made people really vote for Kris Allen who showed in the Finale he came to play . . . and sing and in the process, shocked the partial Judges. So that's my take. Do I think America made the right choice? I don't know.

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