Friday, May 22, 2009

I.N. of The Week - James Harrison

It's been a while since I gave some folks in the black community my infamous award. But here we go: THIS IS I.N.N - Ignorant Negro News. The Ignorant Negro for this week is Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison. OMG!

Some of my friends know this about me: it makes me wince when I see a black person playing into regular stereotypes on TV: You know the types, can't speak a complete sentence on TV, making ridiculous analogies. My favorite skit show of all time: In Livin' Color even featured this on one of the episodes with regular late night news with the reporters always picking the most ignorant brother or sister on the street to speak about some breaking news.

Back to Harrison about being this week's I.N. The President invited the Steelers to the White House as is CUSTOMARY for any championship team. But Harrison felt the President did the wrong thing because what if they didn't win the Super Bowl, would he have invited them then? You don't invite the first runner -up to the White House. Duh! Or any team that didn't win anything. Check this Harrison, Psst, the President has A LOT OF THINGS TO DO. This is a wonderful diversion for him out of all the serious things to honor your team.

And how does that look Harrison, first Brother to be President in the U.S. (Clinton doesn't count), for you to diss him when you made a record breaking feat of a touchdown in the Super Bowl? Slap to my forehead and an imaginary slap upside the head of your head Harrison. Perhaps the concussions through your career have affected your thinking ability. And even though you went to college (Kent State), we can clearly see you didn't spend much time in the classroom. So you choose not to go to White House because of your irrational theory, hey perhaps you'll like the dubious honor from this blogger: Ignorant Negro (I. N) of the Week.

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