Friday, May 29, 2009

Filibuster This SCOTUS Pick!

First of all, this was the least surprising news to me; the Supreme Court Justice (otherwise known as SCOTUS) pick that is. I knew it was going to be a Latina and I knew it was going to be a woman. (So pat on the back to me).

And as I told a friend, I don't care how much the President and his wife kept saving face it doesn't have to be a woman, he's going to choose a WOMAN.

Second, I'd like to say Kudos to Sonia Sotomayor for this historic nomination. You are well-deserving of the honor.

I got all that out of the way. Now to the nitty-gritty for all the hoopla that's happened in the last couple of days with the SCOTUS pick especially with the Republican party. I'm going into the mind of Barack Obama on choosing Sotomayor. I like that he knows when to pick a fight, it's like a strategic chess move - CHECK MATE! Darth Vader (I mean former VP Dick Cheney) kept wanting folks to stay on the "dark side," Obama knew when to take a shot at him at both the White House Correspondence dinner as a guy who's working on his Memoir "how to shoot friends and interrogate people" and speaking about GITMO on the same day last week.

Only for the next few days to choose, to the HORROR of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan and co, a LATINA. I mean to them they are yelling WTF! What do you call all the nonsense that's dominated cable news with folks questioning her intelligence ('scuse me, she was second in her graduating class), her ethnicity (can you believe someone said they can't pronounce her name and it should be more Anglo-fied), and oh, she's of the fairer sex; she's a WOMAN! (So they've used stereotypical phrases like "emotional.")

So to all those folks and some in the SENATE who has expressed their OUTRAGE. I say FILIBUSTER THIS! Filibuster this SCOTUS pick when the President has a 67 percent approval rating and his wife over 80 percent. Filibuster this SCOTUS pick when 56 percent of women voted for the sitting President and you're demonizing a very accomplished woman as light in smartness compared to her male counterparts. Filibuster this SCOTUS pick when the largest minority group now are Hispanics and might I add, the group of under 40 voted over two-thirds for the current President and you're using all kinds of ethnic stereotypes from the cuisine she likes to the sound of her name.

You keep saying inflammatory words like calling her a racist, bigot because of taking her words out of context some years ago about her varied experience will give her a better judgment when it comes to complexity of ethnic relationships than a white man and see how long you stay in your wilderness experience as a party. Think about it, you can choose to keep wondering in this wilderness by looking at days far foregone and make a typical 11-day journey in the wilderness to be 40 years. I double dare you to filibuster this!

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