Monday, October 27, 2008

Cholera Outbreak In Zimbabwe

I know we (Americans) are so focused on this election that sometimes we might get insular, forgetting what's going on in other parts of the world. But I would like to divert your attention just a bit in an effort of joining some other folks in the blogosphere to shed light on some human condition once a month (it might be more on this site). The issue I'm shedding light on is that of cholera which is claiming lives in Zimbabwe.

Many might have known of the country earlier this year through the country's contested elections from the regime of Robert Mugabe (the dictator). But what I find appauling is the disease taking the lives of people is not getting the same attention. According to some doctors in the area, cholera has already taken 120 lives and the number keeps growing. Zimbabwe authorities claim they've treated 500 people.

But to this writer, I say you cannot just focus on the cure when major steps in prevention by fixing the collapsing sewage system would save more lives. This is a domino effect since the water shortages will lead to starvation and later, death.

I hope with this little spotlight, more officials will take heed and lend a helping hand to the country of Zimbabwe.

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