Saturday, October 25, 2008

Misery At Florida Polls

To "early vote" or not to early vote, that is the question? For the past few days I've been trying to do something I've never done when it comes to voting; do it early. But doing so, I've found comes at a huge price. Am I able to wait for four hours to do my civic duty? I get it more than most Americans since I've been to other countries where citizens spent a whole day or two to cast a historic vote from a military regime to a civilian one.

But when you have only an hour of free time to cast this significant vote, it becomes a problem. So for four days I've been checking out the early voting locations close to me and as usual it's long lines across the building. This afternoon, after meeting with some friends for breakfast, I decided to take a trip to the closest early voting site. OMG! I couldn't find a place to park, NONE! There were cars on the grass, across the streets, over three buildings parking lots and across other people homes. To get through the fleet of cars was an experience.

So I decided to go further to another public building, about a 20 minutes drive and I thought it was better. Well it was, I found a place to park but when I walked further, I saw the lines. There's no way I'll be done voting in an hour.

It's amazing this was a subject of discussion at breakfast this morning. Florida 2000 recount is still VERY fresh in our minds and we're hoping we don't experience the same thing with all the trickery at the polls. Voters have been delayed more than usual in the past week for faulty equipment (which was fixed). And I have a problem with using the third different kind of voting system in eight years.

But I believe in the democracy we have in voting and living in this great country we call America, I hope there is a better and more efficient way of keeping our democratic system relevant.

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