Monday, October 13, 2008

Leave James T. Harris Alone

So just like I came to the defense of the Big "O" by last month's post, for her support for Barack Obama and not allowing any politician running for President in the past two years on her show, I'm saying the same for James T. Harris - leave him alone.

Who is James T. Harris you ask? Well, he's no where popular as Oprah but over the past week, he's got some unwarranted publicity because he's a brother who's in support for McCain as seen here:

Now I will admit when I first saw the video last week with a black man (Harris) telling a white guy (John McCain) to "stick it to him (Barack Obama)," it gave me a pause. But afterwards, I brushed it off as "to each his own."

So it was a shock to me last night watching CNN with Don Lemon that Harris has been getting hate mail and death threats for supporting his candidate of choice in spite of race. Oh come on! What is really going on with this election? My question is can't folks support their candidate without antagonizing others for their choice?

Granted, I feel Harris is relishing this moment in the spotlight as a conservative radio host most people haven't heard of BUT he doesn't deserve to be called an "Uncle Tom," "traitor to his race," etc. He like many others should support his candidate based on whatever views he uphold.

Another question to those folks attacking him is haven't blacks voted for white candidates for presidents for a long time; why should it stop with a few of them who want to continue the tradition? Isn't it about the issues after all? Are whites voting for Obama betraying their race for not supporting McCain? Why should it be any different for Harris?

I know, I know, some folks feel it's a once in a lifetime opportunity since Obama marks the first African-American party nominee for President and Harris should join the bandwagon. But what if Harris' issues and views constrain him not to vote for a man based on just the color of his skin?

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