Friday, October 10, 2008

A Meltdown Week

I have decided to stop watching CNBC for a while despite my knack for the world of Finance for sanity's sake.

But I still have some stuff to get off my chest:

AIG Executives Go To A SPA after $85 Billion Bailout: How in the world do you explain this? It's downright stupidity. Hel-lo AIG! Have you heard about this thing called "timing?" Timing is everything. You guys were close to bankruptcy. You don't take $440K to frolick at a spa when most Americans (who are already mad you got this money) are struggling.

So here I was watching the news a couple of days ago and this AIG executive admitted it was a stupid thing to do. Oh REALLY! SERIOUSLY!!! What were you guys in your forties, fifties, and older thinking?

Government offers AIG another $37 Billion: In the words of DMX - Y'all gone make me lose my mind up in here! The White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said the spa-gate was despicable. But it didn't stop the Fed to give these jokers another $37 Billion. Why? Can somebody explain this to me? Instead of punishing these folks, you reward them for bad behavior.

Dumb Jocks Say Magic Faked AIDS: There's a reason I used the term "dumb" for the radio hosts who said basketball icon, Magic Johnson faked his AIDS. What else could one call guys who made such comments. There are things going on in this world of ours that I find just mind-boggling.

How could anyone say Magic faked AIDS for sympathy? Sure, and he chose to retire from a sport early because of the disease when he still had a good two to three years inside of him. He chose to publicly admit to a shameful disease at that time and put his family into unnecessary spotlight because of the said sympathy? Give me a break. This is a guy when he announced he had AIDS, folks got skimmish around him; they wouldn't even shake his hands because they thought the disease will transfer. Thank goodness we've got enlightened since then; well, save for two dumb jocks.

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