Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Elitism Debunked

I would like to say I like elitism. If I get in trouble, I would want an elite lawyer like the late Johnnie Cochran (RIP) or the fictional, Alan Shore (of Boston Legal fame). If it is a brain surgery that's needed, get the elite surgeon of them all, get Dr. Ben Carson. The same goes for the Navy Seals; you don't hear them being called "mediocre" seals but the "elite" seals. What about our Marines? They are "A Few Good Men" or "The Few, The Proud, The Marines." That sounds quite elite.

So imagine my surprise this election season when Sen. Barack Obama referred to as elite because he drinks lattes or tries to eat healthy. Seriously, a guy raised by a single mother who at one time depended on food stamps go on to Harvard and became the school's law review first Black President. When he was criticized about a car he drove being a gas-guzzler, he changed it to a more efficient-mileage one. And did I mention he has but one house.

Now compare him to Sen. John McCain, who is called "NOT elite." He came from a family with a good pedigree, married a heiress, who wore a $300K thousand outfit to the RNC convention (but told folks not to criticize her wealth) has seven (or more) houses and 13 cars but the black guy is the one who's "elite?" Is there something I'm missing here?

What brought this post up you might ask? Sarah Palin! Palin and the $150K she and her family were endowed for wardrobe choices in the past seven weeks. Who's elite now? Can I just say, Michelle Obama wore $148 black and white dress on the View that became a fashion sensation, a GAP dress on the campaign trails that got a shoutout from Vogue and for her speech at the DNC convention, the dress was about $700 NOT $300K (Three hundred thousand Dollars) as Cindy McCain.

It's nice to look good but as a fashionista myself, I can tell you it is OUTRAGEOUS to spend $150K for fashion in this economic downturn especially when you call yourself just your "average hockey mom." You gotta be kidding me! Part of the $150K was used for hair and makeup consultations. Seriously, what's the big deal with putting your hair in a "beehive" or letting it down that cost almost $5K?

This is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong! Just like I had a problem with Sen. John Edwards with his two haircuts costing $400 each while he preached he was just a son of a steelworker, who loved eating at Wendys, and wanted to see poverty abolished, this action from the RNC camp doesn't live up to the narrative.

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