Friday, October 10, 2008

The Voice Gets A SAG

It's about Time! James Earl Jones (aka The Voice) gets a Lifetime SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Award. The voice behind Darth Vader of Star Wars (May be the Force be with you - yeah I'm a bit of a nerd) and King Mufasa (Seriously, who hasn't seen Lion King?)

In my opinion, nobody (even the great Morgan Freeman, who could sound like God) could have made King Mufasa sound so dominant like Jones. "Simba, I am your father . . . You have forgotten who you are." "We are all part of the great circle of life." Can you tell I love me some Lion King? The movie is even better on stage - it comes alive and you're right in the middle of it than seeing from a screen. I highly recommend seeing the play on Broadway or the Cast traveling around the country's playhouses.

So Kudos to "The Voice." The honor is well-deserved.