Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I'm Voting For Barack Obama

To readers of this blog, this post shouldn't come as a shock. In real life, I'm a very private individual, so my voting preferences normally remain a secret except to a few close family members who dare ask. Sometimes, they just assume who I will be voting for. But to others who for some preconceived notion of who they think I am and have the nerve to question my reasoning for making a decision about a candidate normally get some rude awakening. But I digress. Yes, I will be voting for Sen. Barack Obama.

I never thought just a little after four years of a guy coming into my consciousness, I will be voting for him for President. But like millions of Americans, I welcomed a certain unknown Senator from Illinois to my living room when he made that iconic "key-note" address in 2004. Since then, I've made it a point to buy whatever magazine he's graced (these days in a tough economy, that decision is getting hard to live up to though I recently bought the "Men's Health" issue).

And earlier this year some of my family members wondered about me (thinking I was leaning another way) especially when I made a radio address that "ISSUES" matter to me. And a candidate wasn't going to get my vote only because of his race and another won't get it just because of her gender. Also, I took Obama to task during the Primaries debates and made some constructive criticism that made some commenters on this blog and others wonder who's side I'm on. I've always been on the side of fairness and truth.

But I made such criticism because I believed in the message he gave that night at the DNC in 2004. If I don't care for someone, what good is it for me to say anything? (Heard any peep from me about our current President?)

That being said, I believe Barack has the best solution for what ails our country. Like Colin Powell, I've seen generations of folks get excited about politics again. Just over a week ago at a debate watch party, I sat between a teenager and a guy old enough to be my uncle. Read that one more time, "a teenager" (who happens to be black) in the front row watching a Presidential debate.

Also, I believe on the issue of the economy, Obama has shown a steady hand in a troubling time. He has advisors I respect (i.e. Warren Buffett) in his corner. Over a year ago, "the Oracle" (Buffett) went before congress to tell the government something NEEDED to be done about the tax structure of our country. Buffett made his point that his executive secretary who made just over $60,000 was paying more in tax in percentage than what he paid. Can you believe that? At the time, the second (now the) richest man in the country had a problem with paying less taxes in percentage in relation to his secretary.

Now the McCain camp calls that "socialism." I'm not a "trickle-down" person as the former administration refers to how wealth is distributed. I'm an American who deserves a fair shake just like the folks with many zeroes attached to their net worth. I believe under an Obama-Biden administration, I could hope for such fairness. That's why I will be "Baracking The Vote."