Monday, October 6, 2008

What I Expect From Tomorrow's Debate

The Media and many of us are gearing up for the second debate between the Presidential candidates. And there are some things I expect from each candidate. Let's start with John McCain:

I expect he might FINALLY look Barack Obama in the eye. But I expect for McCain to throw everything and the kitchen sink at him. Why? Well, seeing his position in the national polls have switched to over seven points in the past two weeks after his "fundamentals of the economy are strong" stupid comment on the day this country experiences the highest (777) points drop on Wall Street.

Not only is McCain slipping in the national polls but in key battleground states, which will affect the Electoral College come election night. Case in Point: Michigan. Most experts say when America suffers a cold financially, Michigan suffers pneumonia. So the polls have dramatically shifted in Michigan for Obama, which makes McCain battle for other key states an uphill battle.

I expect McCain to keep making Obama seem very risky. Did you count how many times in the last debate he said Obama just "didn't understand." So more naivete comments and maybe a siding with terrorists comment (in Obama's quest for diplomacy) while keep referring to the viewers as "my friends."

Other honorable mentions from McCain:
  • Maverick
  • Reformer
  • Change Washington
  • POW
  • Earmarks
  • Taxes

What about Barack Obama at the debate? I expect more precise comments and less professorial stance on the economy. Seriously Barack, the folks at their kitchen table don't need to know the ins and outs of how Wall Street works (leave that to CNBC folks) but how much you care and want to get them out of their mess.

Also, I expect Obama to keep referring to McCain as "McSame" in relations to Bush policies. If you haven't heard McCain's 90 percent voting record with Bush enough, brace yourself for more.

Then I expect just like McCain questions Obama's inexperience for Obama to question John McCain's judgment over and over again to test McCain's temparament (don't you think it will be great TV when McCain's legendary temparament comes unhinged?)

Other honorable mentions from Obama:

  • Ch-Ch-Changes (Get ready for the word "change" to make you turn blue)
  • Hope
  • Middle Class
  • Economy
  • Kitchen Table
  • Joe Biden from Scranton (to pander to the working class)
  • A few names of ordinary citizens we don't know dealing with hard times.

That's a snapshot! See you at the debate.