Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Ticked Off

Another Reverend who's getting on my last nerves is Arnold (Arnie) Conrad. You haven't heard of him; well check out this video:

What is it about this election season and all the Pastor Problems? Let me count them: Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger, John Hagee, Rod Parsley, etc. Now we have Conrad joining the list with his "unique" opening prayer at a John McCain's campaign event last Saturday for His God not to allow other gods' prayers to come to pass for Barack Obama to win.

First of all, that is some ignorant mess because Hindu is not a god but a religion. Second, he's assuming that millions around the world cannot be Christians but most are talking to Allah or Buddha. Third, he's part of the so-called Christians who think because a person has a unique name (present company included), he cannot be a Christian; hence saying Obama cannot be someone who could do God's will.

Conrad is wrong on a number of levels as a Christian and a Minister of the Gospel. And it is not a great commentary that he's being the latter for over three decades. It is NOT his place to pray for one leader inspite of another; your Bible tells you to pray for ALL leaders of the land that we may lead a peaceable and quiet life.

Also, God is not in the game of fleecing. If God wanted John McCain to be President, then He could just make McCain President and forget about voting and Conrad won't need to bargain with God. Speaking of voting, according to Conrad's prayer, any Christian voting for Obama must not be doing God's will since according to him, McCain has the vision to lead the country.

One more thing: Conrad should remember that as a Minister of the Gospel, it is not his place to curse what God has blessed. If both candidates profess to be Christians, it is NOT Conrad's place as a Minister to question (or deny) the salvation of one and hold the other as right. That is left to His God to judge.

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