Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Undecided Voters

I don't get undecided voters. Every election season we go through this with undecided voters who choose to remain uncommitted to any candidate. Why? We have 27 days to go and you want to tell me you haven't made a decision with all the issues around us.

Granted, during the Primaries, I was uncommitted almost until I went into my voting booth. Not because I didn't know who mattered to me but I was torn between two candidates. And I wanted to vote as intelligently as I could regardless of all the noise boistering between the two candidates.

But for a general election? Come on! How could you be undecided? Is it the need for attention from the media? How many times have you seen the interviews with undecided voters? Why, Why, oh why? Look at the issues at stake: The Economy, Iraq War, Climate Change, Health Care, Education and did I mention the economy? Can't the undecided voters find a candidate who has a better solution on most of the issues? I'm just saying . . .

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