Monday, January 5, 2009

Back For 2009

Happy New Year!!! I'm back and I missed my blogging ways. So what did I really miss since I've been gone? A LOT! But here's my quick take on stuff the past two weeks:
  1. Caroline Kennedy Wants Hillary's Seat: Oh sweet Caroline! You know I don't fault you for being part of a dynasty. As I told some family members who disagreed with me; this nation was founded on dynasties - Adams, Bushes (God Help us), Kennedys, Rockfellers, etc You know. Even the New York Governor (a fave) is a son of New York's former Secretary of State. So if you want Hillary's former senator seat, go for it you know. But I've got to say this: It might help your case if you don't say "you know" so much after every sentence. You know.

  2. Blago Picks Burris: Slimy, Slimy, Slimy but within Blago's rights as Governor. That Governor sure knows how to stick it to the people who so wanted him out of his position yesterday. What he did by picking Roland Burris to replace Barack Obama was legal; ethical - well, that's another story.
  3. Bobby Rush Puts Race in Illinois Senate race: I hate (ok, despise) it when folks use racism for every subject matter. Such was the case with Bobbie Rush telling the Media last week not to "hang" or "lynch" the "appointee" (Burris) but separate him from the appointor" (Blago). First of all, what the hell (ok, heck or maybe just use WTH) was Rush talking about when the Media was within its rights to ask critical questions. Second, how dare he brings up the "lynch," hang, and plantation (for people in the Senate) words when we just elected America's first black President? Third, as astute (or is that stretching) as he is, why should he bring up such visual to perpetuate divisiveness. These are stuff that just makes me wanna holla!
  4. Don't Call It A Memoir: This makes the second time (the first was James Frey) the Big O (Oprah) has been fooled by another author calling his book a "memoir." This time, the author (Herman Rosenblaut) lives in my neck of the woods - South Florida. Let's establish some new rules for all these authors lying (or embellishing the truth) about memoirs: NEW RULES: I know you think calling a book a "memoir" will help move the book quickly off the shelves and you're right BUT if only a tiny part of what you call a "Memoir" actually happened - IT IS FICTION or you could use "semi-autobiographical." That way the Queen of all Media (and all the readers she influences) will know you embellished part of your life. By the way, what's so wrong with fiction? Heard of Stephen King or J.K Rowling?
  5. Charles Barkley DUI Arrest: Huh! This was a kick in the gut! Sir Charles happens to be one of my "favorite people." What was he thinking? The salacious details about the arrest is not for me to type - read the link for yourself. But come on! You supposed to be smarter than this! Let's establish new rules on folks especially celebrities with DUIs. New Rules: If you have to drink, DON'T DRIVE. Also, if you have to drink, HIRE A DRIVER - how difficult can that be when you can surely afford it.
Those are just a few things I needed to get off my chest . . .
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