Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inauguration Musings

We've had the pump and circumstance of the inauguration and I, like many others have been in a state of euphoria. But it didn't stop me from making some observations. So I'd like to give my musings on the historical inauguration:

Invocation By Rick Warren: Thank God, the whole outrage over who gives the invocation is over and I thought Warren gave a poignant prayer. What I didn't get were all the names for Jesus in the prayer. Was Warren trying to cover all ethnicities? He couldn't! I felt I just got took a brief theology class.

Benediction By Joseph Lowery: Oh the lovable civil rights icon! The 89-year old Lowery said a prayer that would rank as the funniest benediction I've ever heard. Even Barack Obama was trying to hold back a laugh. I had to open my eyes when he started on some rhymes: "When blacks won't get back, when whites will get right, when yellow will be mellow . . ." As Stephen Colbert said: That was the best Dr. Seuss EVER!

All Hail The Queen: Aretha Franklin that is! She gave a stirring rendition of "My Country Tis of Thee." I agree with Rolling Stone last December declaring as the "greatest singer ever!" Even though she later said she wasn't pleased with her performance because of the cold weather. Take it from me Queen, for us mortals, you were great!

Now about that "Hat," I LIKED IT! To which a family relative asked surprisingly "you liked it?" (with doubt in her voice). Another friend just said "hmmm." She's too diplomatic to disapprove of the hat. But I thought it fit the Queen's larger-than-life's persona. I found out later the folks across the Pond (the British) thought so too.

But my fellow Americans have been making a mockery of the hat including the lovable Ellen. Well, I guess I'll stand alone in this. So to the Queen: From one hat lover to another, you rocked!

Flub of the Oath: What's up Chief Justice Roberts! What was up with messing the oath up for a brother! Use index card for the 35-word oath next time and don't depend only on your wiz (straight As) brain.

Another thing: Why the re-do of the oath? According to Obama's camp, it was due to "an abundance of caution." Seriously, lighten up Barack! You were technically (according to the Constitution) President when the clock struck noon - when Yo-Yo Ma was playing the fake cello.

Prose Vs. Poetry: I love our new President's inaugural speech. I thought it was necessary for the times - less flowery but more on responsibility. But then some "experts" had to dampen my mood when I started driving and listening to the radio and called the speech more "prose than poetry." Oh PUH-LEAZE! We are in serious times. You shouldn't be looking for something that will always tingle your ears - that's from the Bible, a book not all based on poetry.

Speaking of poetry: I didn't get the inaugural poem by American Poet Elizabeth Alexander! I thought to myself I got As in high school and college literature, why did I find her poem "Praise song for the day" hard to comprehend. I'm just saying. . . Can we get Maya Angelou? Oh that will be like recycling Bill Clinton's first inauguration. Never mind.

It's Called "the Bump.": Since we have the real first Black President (taken away from Bill Clinton), we need to give some "chocolate" lessons to some of our "vanilla" friends. The first lesson will go to CNN's Erica Hill calling a dance move Obama did with a 14-year old girl the "booty bump." Seriously Erica, you didn't watch any "soul train?" Thank goodness our fellow mates in the Media quickly got the memo. It's called "the bump."

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