Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Heart Michelle's Style

I have never paid attention to a living first lady's style until Michelle Obama. Noticed I said "living." Any fashionista would be lying if they haven't taken a peek at Jackie-O's classic style.

But Michelle is NO Jackie-O (regardless of how many folks tried to make the comparisons), she is who she is - a MODERN chic lady who is not afraid to mix high and low (or hi-lo, in fashion speak) pieces. While Jackie-O, depended on French, Haute Couture looks such as her passion for Oleg Cassini designs. The other Mrs O. (Michelle Obama) could rock J.Crew, Gap, White House Black Market (Remember that $148black and white dress on the View which became a sensation) with "designer" pieces like Narciso Rodriguez, and her staple, Chicago's Maria Pinto.

I wondered why I like her classic style while mine could be thought of as "chic yet edgy." Well, there are two reasons: First I'm of a different age - I could get away with some things but even if I get to be of her decade, I'll still retain my "edgy" sensibilities but with a twist. And second, I have a different background (both personally and professionally) than hers I've which reflects in the pieces I choose for myself.

My style is affected by my African,American and British influences. So I gravitate towards embellishments (African), LOVE my jeans and T-Shirts (American) and could rock knits, sweaters and vests (British) like no other. Then you mixed that with a profession where black, grey, and navy are the unspoken "power" colors, you wonder how I get fascinated with a woman (Michelle) who's not afraid of COLOR.

I'm taking baby steps when loud colors are concerned - leave them to accessories. I do have a penchant for red shoes and considered it a breakthrough a year ago when I left a clothing store not buying anything black (bought a fushia cardigan and yellow blouse through the store ladies persuasion). Like I said baby steps.

But Michelle shows you can be modern, feminine yet mean business while embracing COLOR. Also, she epitomizes having both substance and style - and that it doesn't take away from the former if you're having fun with the latter. LOVE HER!

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