Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Senate: Let The Brother In

Democrats: Ya'll getting on my last nerves! Seriously, what was up with the spectacle with Roland Burris? I know you're mad (i.e Harry Reid) that the somewhat insane Blago gave you a "screw you" move by picking Burris. But come on, it's within Blago's rights as a sitting (albeit disappointing) Governor. Burris should NOT be made a scapegoat for Blago's alleged indiscretions.

Do you guys really think it looks good bickering on a legally appointed Senator? So what if he can't win in two years; there are other Dems in Illinois who could raise funds and fill the seat after 2010.

Besides, you have a Democratic President-elect who will be taking office in two weeks; don't you think he really needs to have more of you on his side to get the bills pass? In the words of Aretha Franklin: "You betta think." Stop the whining, forgo your bruised egos and get with the nation's program for goodness sake - Put Roland Burris in his rightful seat.

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