Monday, January 12, 2009

66th Golden Globe Fashions - Women

Allow my inner fashionista to give the critic about last night's Golden Globe Awards. Like many, the awards are just the end product of what has become one of my guilty pleasures for some years. Good to be nominated, and better if my favorite wins. But the best thing for me is to get the two most important answers to my questions: Who and what are you wearing?
Good to see the stars (most of them) followed the pulse of the nation and kept everything understated. The color of the night seem to be what's called "oyster," or "blush" but as usual, there were many stars in black. Now on to the most important stuff . . . here are my musings about the best dressed, the so-so look (lukewarm) and those who gave me a pause (I won't call them worst dressed):

Best Dressed goes to (In order of faves): Eva Longoria Parker , January Jones, Salma Hayek, and Kate Winslet. My absolute fave got two shots. Eva was just stunning in red. January Jones showed why she's today's version of Grace Kelly; she just does vintage so well. Salma Hayek, what can I say? Muy Caliente! The pale color of the dress doesn't take away from her hotness. And Winslet was not only the a winner of two awards but she gets two snaps snaps (as in Livin' Color) for her style. Winslet shows the truth in "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

My Luke-Warm looks go to J.Lo and Beyonce! These two didn't get the memo - TONE IT DOWN! Just because it states the "golden globes" doesn't mean you should follow the advice literally (a la J-Lo). And she's keeping her arms crossed because the cleavage is TOO revealing.

Now to Beyonce! Oh B! You're too beautiful to try to get all blinged out. My favorite look of yours was at the 2005 Oscars - a simple fitted black dress with dangling diamonds for earrings. Let the dress speaks for itself and have confidence that YOU could shine. Why didn't you follow that mantra here?

The Looks that gave me a PAUSE (In order): Renee Zellweger, Glenn Close, and Marisa Tomei. Let's start with Renee: I always look forward to what Renee is going to wear but I wasn't looking forward to was an "Addams Family" look-alike. OMG! She literally stopped me dead (no pun intended) in the tracks as I came out of the hallway to the livingroom. Who's the mortician? One more thing, repeat after me: Leave editorial looks to editorials (Vogue, W, WWD) and NOT THE RED CARPET!

Glenn Close - Ok, thread lightly because she made Fatal Attractions which scares a whole lotta people (particularly men). But how is it that a woman of her age (early 60s) with a banging bod decides to look matronly and cover everything up! And the pose looks like the female version of the Joker - I'm just saying . . .

Marisa Tomei - Another person with a great bod looking like she's about to read some fortunes. Gosh! These folks have money, they've got stylists (or those stylists should be fired pronto) and they decided to look like these . . .