Friday, January 16, 2009

Heroes of 1549

"OMG! There's a plane in the Hudson!" Those were my words in a family member's showroom yesterday as I tried to use the computer to find a University's address and directions for an event I had to be in two hours. "What!" Replied someone else.

As I got to the University, I saw for a few seconds a press conference from New York's Mayor and Governor as I headed into the event's location. It wasn't until I got home late last night did I see what has captured millions of Americans and folks around the world's attention. Wow!

Thank God for NO casualty. Thank God for that PILOT- Capt. Sulley! Who's stock has just gone up into the stratosphere. I would love to know you're my pilot. But I've never flown U.S. Airways (unless maybe when I was a baby) Can I say maybe Airforce One might be calling him? And Kudos to the rest of flight crew, coast guards, folks on the ferris and the passengers!

You get to see the core decency and courage of everyday people. Capt. Sulley making sure he went through the plane twice to make sure no passenger was left behind, a co-pilot taking the shirt off his back to a cold and injured passenger, and another passenger giving up his coat to another passenger. I'm grateful for some goodnews in the midst of everything going on; I believe most Americans went to bed with a smile on their faces. I know I did.

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