Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Much For Bi-Partisan

Yesterday, a historical stimulus package to the tune of $819 Billion was passed in the House with NO SINGLE REPUBLICAN VOTE! Read that one more time (or as they say in the hood, one more again). So much for change. This is after 10 days when the nation was on cloud nine that there will be a new way of doing things in Washington only to be brought back to earth that Washington doesn't change so fast.

Seriously, President Obama wined-and-dined (literally) with key figures in the Republican party (did Dubya ever do that with the Democratic party?) about this stimulus bill. He even took out the family planning money from the bill. Here's what I don't get: Do you keep having children when the nation is almost close to depression? But then again, we just had a California woman give birth to Octoplets a few days ago, so who am I to judge.

Then he made a third of the bill about tax breaks (something confounding to this blogger), which hasn't been proven to stimulate the economy. Seriously, how would I know I've been given a tax break by a $1,000 in my paycheck spread over the year? And would that make me jump whoopee to go to the mall and buy a new outfit - something the retail market REALLY needs me (and many) to do?

But be that as it may, I understand Washington doesn't run on logic but on compromise to suit different parties. That is why I still find it confusing that the Republicans all made a pact not to vote for this bill even as thousands keep losing jobs. Is it more urgent to them to save the state of the economy or the state of their losing party?

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