Monday, January 12, 2009

The Men At the 66th Golden Globes

Oh I didn't forget about the men even though they only need about 15 minutes to get dressed. The horror! But because of that outrageous amount of time most men (save for the metrosexuals - not my cup of tea) use to get dressed, I'll be more ruthless with my critics. There are no in-betweens; only BEST DRESSED and WORST DRESSED! (I'm not saying "least favorite"). There's just no excuse.

First of all, I want to give a moment of mourning for my favorite guy missing from the red carpet: GEORGE CLOONEY! Where was he? That guy always looks like he was born to wear the tux! He's our (well not mine) generation of Cary Grant - effortlessly elegant. The party was just not the same. That being said, let me give the honors to the rest of the men who came:

My Best-Dressed List: Ben Harper, Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy), and Tom Cruise. First with Ben: Now I'm not big on the black-on-black look on most guys. I think you've got to have the skin tone, fit, and confidence to pull it off. For example: On Ben Harper. LOVED IT!!! On Seal - HATED IT!!! - Now I like it when Seal wears all white - nice contrast to the skin tone or a dash of white with the tux. Back to Ben, the man gets some two snaps, snaps for shedding a tear for wife's win. How ROMANTIC!

McDreamy (with co-presenter Tina Fey) looks just like his nickname. If last night were in years past, I won't have given him my "best-dressed" honor. I just thought he looked so staid in the tux with the bow-tie (he ain't Clooney). Besides, any forty-something year old guy or guys who project young could do away with the bow-tie to look more modern. So thumbs up to McDreamy to shaking things up and going with the single tie look.

Last but not the least goes to Tom Cruise. He's been doing some image makeover lately about his past antics (jumping on the couch anyone?) The said image translated to the red carpet here - DEBONAIR! Cool points also, for bringing Mom along.

Worst Dressed Looks: Drum roll Please! Tony Shalhoub. I don't get how a Jewish man suddenly becomes Indian. I think he has an Indian wife (not sure). But still he gets panned (along with Glenn Close in the pic) for this look.

And the absolute WORST? Mickey Rourke . . . THERE ARE NO WORDS (The picture is worth a thousand words).