Friday, September 5, 2008

Eighty and Driving

Ok, here is my gripe with the chronologically gifted: A fierce need for independence without considering those lives they put in danger with their driving skills or lack there of.

I know since I live in the premier destination for the retirement age, I would have to just deal with it or move. But I believe sometimes one need to sound off and maybe in the interim the subjects or the officials in the land could make better laws or restrictions to those impaired by the inevitable signs of aging.

I had a dentist appointment yesterday afternoon and though I arrived for my appointment fifteen minutes early, I couldn't find a parking spot. So I kept driving around the building hoping someone would leave and park in front of the office.

When my hope of scoring my prime parking space was getting delayed, I decided to park some feet at the back of the building; this will be a first on my part. After I parked and was trying to get my handbag, cell phone, I got bumped, more like rear-ended to my shock.

As I came out of my car infuriated about who could do such a thing, here lies the hunchback of Notre Dame old enough to be my Grandpa apologetic. The words ceased at first while the "Grandpa" with his Uckel-like glasses driving the big and long Cadillac said he couldn't see my car. My answer was "in this broad daylight."

Mind you, not only was this Grandpa trying to defy the law of physics by driving the wrong way (it was a one-way in and out), thus the reason for rear-ending me, this man had a partner or wife some years his junior who couldn't have said something to him that there is a car on the other side (I even left a parking space) and he was driving too close. So there it was, two blind mice driving on the streets of South Florida.

Also, for him driving the wrong way out of the parking lot, he could have caused another accident with someone trying to get into the driveway. So to all the "elders" of the land approaching and over the age of 80, in the great words of Apostle Paul: I beseech you by the mercies of God . . . to please get your vision checked and drive a compact car you can navigate. Let's be honest, your reflex is not as sharp as 20 years ago. A diminishing vision plus a big Cadillac (why is that a car of choice for Seniors?) don't a good driver make.

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