Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Musings For the Week

Just a quick note of stuff going on in my mind and in our muddled world:

Last night's debate: Did you watch? I did a little liveblogging for the first time while watching. The winner? A draw on my part but McCain need to stop being condescending and look his opponent in the eye for crying out loud.

Clay Aiken Admits He's Gay: Ok, was it only me that found that particular brand of news NOT newsworthy. Seriously!!! Even if you don't have a gaydar, you will have to be blind not to know Aiken was gay. One more thing: I want to say new rules to all the celebrities who have to take the cover of a magazine to come out of the closet. If most folks suspect you're gay, we don't need for you to take a whole news day coming out of the closet. I'm talking about all the Ellens (Degeneres), Rosies, etc. who take the cover of a magazine to say "Yep, I'm gay." Hmm, YES WE KNEW.

Paul Newman Passes: What a class act! And to stay in a marriage for over 50 years in Hollywood surpasses all the Oscars and accolades he got. He will be missed. Oh and by the way Paul, love your salad dressings - fave: Light Honey Mustard.