Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jackie or Marilyn?

One of the best shows on TV is "Mad Men" and the critics seem to agree since the show leads all of TV in Emmy nominations - 16 in total. Well, I was slow to get on board this groundbreaking show which takes a nostalgic look at the 60s through the eyes of an advertising firm and one Don Draper - the lead character, and top producer of the firm.

Draper may not be all he seems to be: the cool, handsome, whip-smart ad man and family man on the surface but a very complex one underneath. As the show goes on, the viewers are thinking he might have stole another's identity to become Don Draper but for now, they are just enjoying the twists and turns of Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency with Draper at the helm.

Like previously mentioned, I'm one of the viewers the show has cast a spell on and every Sunday night, I find myself traveling via a time capsule to a groundbreaking decade in history but yet find each week's theme relevant to our world today.

So two Sundays ago, a particular episode I watched has been buzzing in my mind because of what Draper pitched to some executives in trying to get "Playtex," the women's underwear company as an account for his company.

According to Draper, there are two sides to every woman - Jackie O. or Marilyn Munroe. The former you want to marry and the latter, you want to sleep with. I didn't know both actions were mutually exclusive. He went on by giving a visual evidence to the executives in the conference room by telling them to check out the women in the hall of Sterling Cooper and based on how each was dressed, he pointed "Jackie" for the sensible, and "Marilyn" for the perceived sexy.

As a woman, I felt slighted because there is more to me than what fits two distinct boxes and the same can be said of most women. This is where guys get in trouble, trying to fit women into a perceived box when they soon find out we are very complex creatures. Hey, if you don't believe me, check out the Bible where it was instructed for husbands to dwell with their wives according to knowledge. That's not something you command for something; nay, someone so simple.

Women could be practical yet passionate. Intuitive yet imperceptive. Guarded yet open. And silly yet smart. All the aforementioned qualities could be in one woman. So to guys who think like Draper, take a little more time to study women; you might be in for a fascinating experience.

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