Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Leave Oprah Alone

Ok one quick thing that's been on my mind and it's about the Big "O," Oprah Winfrey to others. You know I wonder what it feels like as a fifty-something having a show for over 20 years and never voicing out your political preference then you catch, Obamarama and you have to shout it to the rooftops.

But in so doing, you think many will be happy for you for using your so-called freedom of speech and endorse a candidate but then you get Hillarites (Hillary Clinton supporters) bombard your message boards early this year calling you a traitor to women, yada, yada, yah for not supporting a woman candidate since that particular gender is your core audience.

Then when the race was down to two from both parties, there was this "Hail-Sarah" pass from the McCain camp that through many for a loop (present company included) and the nagging starts all over again on your Message boards and on the news complaining why you didn't have the Sarah-sensation on your show though you said nobody will use your platform for politics this election season even your chosen candidate.

I wonder! What's up with these women I don't understand. The last I checked, the name of the show is "The Oprah Winfrey Show" not your Mama's (yeah I went there). Oprah has released a statement over the weekend that she would love to have Sarah Palin on the show - after the election. What part of that don't you understand?

Then you have this Florida (gotta be them) GOP women telling anyone who will listen to boycott the show and her magazine. To those ladies, I say take a deep breath and get off the Palin cool-aid for a minute. If you support your candidate that much, take the time to call folks and campaign for your candidate and not become a pest to another woman who's doing so much good already and doggone it, it is HER SHOW! So to all those ladies, I say: leave Oprah alone!

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