Friday, September 26, 2008

Liveblogging the First Debate

Well I’m watching the debates and I couldn’t help but flip open my computer to start live blogging on my thoughts on the exchange between both candidates.

I wish John McCain would stop lying especially when it comes to funding for troops especially when he voted against more funding for the GI bill some months ago in the Senate. And I’m mad at Barack Obama for not calling him out on that since he voted for the GI bill sponsored by Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia, an Iraq war veteran.

I need Obama’s reflex to be sharper because I know John McCain will do anything to win and OMG, he’s patronizing comment about Obama not knowing the difference between following tactics and strategy is a criticism most pundits have used against the “Maverick.” This is a guy who changes with the wind so his name will stay in the news

Now, they are pulling the sentimental cards of who got bracelets from whom – from veteran families. What is it about labels Republicans seem to foster on Democrats not caring for national security? I remember on 9-11, nobody cared which party you belonged to; everybody had the same angry sentiment to get the folks who committed the terror acts on our country.

The diplomacy rant is coming from McCain – to talk or not to talk to our perceived enemies? That is the question! And why do they keep talking about the Napoleon complex Iran President guy Mahmoud Ahmindenajab (think I spelled his last name right)? Gosh, Mahmoud is really getting some pleasure from the free PR.

About Russia . . . McCain sure knows how to be condescending against his opponent calling him naive. And Obama chooses to let it slide, one of the reasons I could never run to be a public official.