Friday, September 5, 2008

Sexism Debate Back In the Election Season

You know one of the things that drive me nuts? People who see hidden racism and/or sexism in everything. But for today's post, let's focus on the sexism part. And to all those pundits and surrogates, I want to ask the question: Aren't I a woman too?

Well, the sexism debate came back in the national spotlight after seven months because of the Republican VP Nominee pick, Sarah Palin. So folks especially in the McCain camp have been crying foul for sexism because the Media, Blogosphere (that drew my ire) have been asking too many questions or calling Palin to task about how many children she has.

Time-out! On this blog, I made no mention about how many children she has and if that will affect the tasks entrusted upon her if she was elected. The way I see it, you don't ask men that particular brand of question and I even defended her case to one of my family members during a discussion on that subject.

What I have a problem with is her record of policies and the recklessness of John McCain's decision. And I would find it sexist to think I should just accept a woman for the second highest office in the land just because she's a woman as if God didn't give me a brain to ask critical questions.

Also, for Palin in her sarcasm-laden speech on Wednesday night to go after the Media and Commentators about coming after her. I say "Girl Please!" to her. Wasn't she the one on July 31st still asking what the VP does exactly? Check it out here:

Hmm Sarah, let me brief you right quick about duties of the VP: He/she inquires to the health of the President (you may have to do that a lot with McCain if you get elected), you break ties in the Senate or you take an example from Dick Cheney and be the "real" President while another serves as the figurehead (Bush) for the position. As your interviewer said in the clip: "It's a pretty big job." But I digress.

I wonder is it because the pressure is on her to defend her record and a pending lawsuit for abusing her position as Governor (allegedly) why the folks in the Media and the Blogoshere are the new enemy. This sounds like "whining," a term Palin used on Hillary Clinton during the Primaries.

Is there sexism? Yes! Folks should not question her judgment as a mother and how she chooses to balance both work and life. In the words of Gloria Steinem: "I'm yet to see a man asked how he balances work and children."

But what is being overshadowed in this hoopla is the American people she is accepting a nomination to represent. They are entitled to answers on her policies and they get most of those answers from the Media your camp has been trying to dodge.
So Sarah, I say to you if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

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