Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Suspends Campaign

John McCain is bugging me. I know I said I needed to cut back on blogging because of my studies and exams but like I said, I will write when I need a break. I really don't need the break right now but as I told a family relative "I'm itching to blog about this."

What the heck is going on in John McCain's brain? This guy is running his campaign by the seat of his pants - no strategic plans, just see how the wind blows. He needed to excite his base, so what does he do? Throw the "Hail Mary" pass in the form of Sarah Palin to supposedly rally up the conservative base and perhaps win the election. Way to go John! That's really putting "country first" instead of your campaign.

Then all the hoopla that followed on the lack of vetting with Palin and gaffes from her such as Alaska being close to Russia, thus solidifying her foreign policy experience. Yeah, to that I say, I'm close to Cuba and the Caribbeans, that doesn't mean I can give you Fidel Castro's plans for his country or that of Prime Ministers of Caribbean countries.

So this little thing called the economy popped up 11 days ago and it seemed McCain lost his footing from the "Fundamentals of the economy being strong" to yesterday's economy being in crisis. REALLY!!! Only for the bombshell to suspend his campaign and delay the Friday's debate. Are you freaking kidding me!

Is it only me who finds McCain's actions mind-boggling and suspicious. It just so happens yesterday morning, there was a significant shift in Barack Obama's direction and all of a sudden McCain wants to show his "leadership" character by going to Washington. Hel-lo, he hasn't cast a vote in the Senate since April. And what is he going to do there anyway? He isn't part of the Finance Committee and the stupid vote he casted over 20 years ago during the Savings & Loans debacle doesn't give him any, how should I say this, FINANCE CRED.

Besides, how is the economic fiasco going to take away from a 90-minute debate? No one is telling him to be on an entertainment program, it is a debate for goodness sake. And has it even dawned on him that such actions in changing his positions eight times in the past 10 days on the economy, according to Richard Wolffe of Newsweek don't show him in a good light on leadership and calm in the face of crisis?

We have 40 days before the election - a historic election. And McCain doesn't know how to multi-task by preparing and showing up for a debate while engaging the American people about his plans for their country's future? Are these actions showing he follows his campaign's motto of putting "country first?"

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