Monday, August 4, 2008

Africa Rising

I've said it before, I'm not all "America" or black issues all the time, I'm diverse as is my background. Africa holds a special place in my heart and is my roots (literally). As one family member told me a few months ago, "you are an african-american; embrace both sides." I never thought I didn't embrace both sides; gee my name and/or look always has someone questioning where I'm from.

Anyhoo, I digressed. The image of Africa in the Mainstream Media (MSM) is normally that of abject poverty or chaos but there is a vibrant market of 900 million consumers that isn't being tapped. Also, it is a great place for fashion, music, and all things arts. Not to talk of a growing business world.

This has led to the creation of Africa Rising! It was founded by Nigerian Journalist Nduka Obaigbena, who stopped by one of my favorite shows on NPR last Thursday. He along with Nigerian fashion designer Fati Mohammed Asibelua aka "Momo" spoke about bringing the show which started last month in Abuja, Nigeria (featuring Rihanna) to the Kennedy Center in DC last Friday.

Well it was a picture of who's who of Black America, Africans, etc. For more info, check out Africa Rising's website!

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