Monday, August 18, 2008

Folks Who Drive Me Nuts During A Storm

I've been living in South Florida for a while and I know the drill when it comes to the hurricane season - be prepared. And though the hurricane season is a period of five months, it doesn't mean we see storms or hurricanes during those months. I think for that reason, some folks get lax regardless of the warnings.

I don't know if these folks are tourists but how in the world do you go to the beach for surfing when that's the major place to STAY AWAY FROM. Seriously! Many of these surfers say it is the best time to catch the waves.

Then one this evening, a kite-boarder (new one on me but it is definitely white folks sports) on one of our beaches. Most government places were closing at 1pm and the news on preparation have been incessant the past 12 hours. This stupid kite-boarder with all the winds crashed from the sky. He looked to be a teenager or in his early twenties, he's going to be okay (I think), maybe with a few broken bones.

Also, you've got those who drive like crazy people. While I was doing my last-minute errands before the storm, I was already hearing the number of accidents on major highways. Some folks might say South Floridians drive like crazy people any time of the year and they have a point. I drive with a finger on the horn most times for any weirdo who encroaches my lane among other things. But when there is a storm, PLEASE slow down, you will get to where ever you're going.

The News Media Drive Me Nuts!!! I get that after Wilma (late 2005), you cannot be too prepared. These days people don't ask you where you were during "Andrew," that was too far back in the 90s but where were you during "Wilma?" And I get it the Media earned their money since many residents had to rely on their radio (no power for weeks) for ATMs, Restaurants among other available necessities .

But why should all the National programs from 7am be intercepted till 7pm. Sometimes, I feel the reporters want to show their "defining moment." Do I really need to see the effects of the wind and rain pounding on a reporter to get the severity of a storm? Once, a lady reporter was hurt by a flying object. I wondered if she got an Emmy for defying the eye of the storm that got the best of her.