Friday, August 29, 2008

Mile-High Week

It's been an eventful week and instead doing my usual recap for all things not covered on my blog for a particular week, I'd like to give a rundown of highlights and lowlights of my observation on a great Democratic National Convention. Here we go:

Highlight: Roaring speeches from Hillary's passionate plea, Bill's final endorsement, Biden's emotional connection and attack on John McCain, to even Dennis Kucinich shouting "Wake up America!"

Lowlight: The snoozefest from the Keynote Speaker, former Governor of Virginia Mark Warner. Hel-lo Warner! Have you ever paid attention to keynote speeches? It could launch you to a national stratosphere! Check out the person who's heading your party right now, Barack Obama, he gave a keynote address in 2004 when most people didn't know he was. I wonder what happened to him. Oh I know, he's one election away from being President. When someone like me (a polital junkie) remembered she had to take out the trash during your speech, it goes to show you, you were a bore.

Highlight: The moving speech from Michelle Obama, which serves as a reintroduction of the person she really is to many Americans.

Lowlight: A few people would not like you no matter how nice you are or your speech was. Case in point: Fox's Megan Kelly dissecting Michelle Obama's speech.

Highlight: Hillary Clinton's magnificent grace through out the convention from her speech to calling off the counting of the votes.

Lowlight: Still some of Hillary voters would not vote for Barack. A poignant moment for me seeing this video after after Hillary gave what could go down as the greatest speech of her life, only for this interview with one of her supporters that brought me straight to earth.

Highlight: Great music from fantastic musicians and just seeing people having a good time.

Lowlight: Bad fashion choices from some participants. Example: Donkey on the head. Seriously!

Highlight: Great coverage of the convention from the media. Last night's acceptance speech, apart from the superbowl became the most watched show of the year so far.

Lowlight: Sign of exhaustion on the part of the Pundits that led to some bickering among them.

Highlight: Great weather in Denver all week, so the show went without a hitch.

Lowlight: Prayers of James Dobson and co. apparently went unanswered since they prayed for rain at the DNC especially during Obama's speech. Gosh! Some Christians really give others of like faith a bad name.

Highlight: Great comedy from satirical shows especially this one from the Daily Show that had me rolling about Obama.

Lowlight: On comedy? None! As long as it wasn't derogatory.

Highlight: Commemorative week of 88th anniversary of Suffarage leading women to gain the right to vote. And 45th anniversary of MLK's "I have a dream" speech for the March in Washington.

Lowlight: Today marks the 3rd anniversary of when the government turned its back on some of her people - The Katrina anniversary and praying the Gustav takes a different route from the people of the Gulf.

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