Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Teared Up By Teddy

Can I just tell you that two weeks of Olympics, endless political DNC coverage along with studying for more training in my profession, not to talk of blogging is affecting my sleep patterns. But nothing would have prevented me from seeing the "Liberal Lion" last night just like a brain cancer treatment could not stop the great Teddy from appearing at the DNC.

Wow! The video montage about the Kennedys with focus on Ted produced by the America's premier history filmmaker, Ken Burns was riveting. Of course, I know some history about the Kennedys and I know Sen. Ted Kennedy, even after a close loss for Presidency to President Jimmy Carter will go down in history, as arguably the most effective Senator (at the ire of a few Republican colleagues) in U.S. history.

Just think about it. For the 46 years he's been in Senate, he's passed laws that affect our lives from marching with MLK to passing the civil rights bill, affirmative action, Medicare bill, Education aids. Even recently, a few weeks after his surgery, he came into the Senate to cast the deciding vote on a Medicare Bill.

As I watched the TV screen, there were many misty eyes in the audience and from a viewer in her living room. I'll just like to say thanks Teddy!

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