Thursday, August 28, 2008

Too Good To Play

How low is the expectation we set for our kids? Especially for black kids. This story has been buzzing in my mind and on the headlines for a few days. This is a story about Jericho Scott. A nine-year old little-leaguer kicked out of his baseball team for being too good.

Jericho (isn't he cute by the way) could throw a 40MPH fastball - a feat too high for his age. So for that reason, fearing he might hurt somebody, they threw him out of his little league baseball team. Wow! How long did Jackie Robinson break the color barrier in baseball? And haven't there been an outcry for a few years with black kids not playing baseball (because there are no fields in their neighborhoods)and thus, less blacks in the professional league?

Let me understand this correctly: You get a boy who is outstanding in this sport and with the proper nurture and training (he doesn't need much) could be a great pitcher as an adult in the sport, but just because he's that good, you'll rather punish him and let his potential lie dormant? Is it only me (and many others out online and on sports stations) find this mind-boggling story OUTRAGEOUS?

Tag: Jericho Scott, Little League Baseball